Methadone Treatment: theoretically possible

Methadone is available on the Chilean pharmaceutical market but it is not normally used with the treatment of drug users. Travellers needing continued methadone treatment in Chile are confronted with a great problem, the problem of finding a doctor not only authorised to prescribe methadone but also willing to do so. Authorised doctors are usually anesthesiologists. They have a license to write out a methadone prescription and to issue a "cheque de estupefacientes" (a permit to take prescribed psychotropic substances) for the patient. After having received a prescription and a "cheque de estupefacientes" the patient could buy methadone at a pharmacy.

Importation of Methadone: possible

Travellers wishing to bring methadone into Chile for personal use as medication must apply for an import license at the Chilean customs authorities. The approval procedure will at least take several weeks. Therefore, we strongly advise to contact a Chilean embassy or consulate some six months before the intended travel to Chile.

Contact Address: any Chilean embassy or consulate or

Direccion de Drogodependencias
Mac Iver 541
Santiago de Chile
Phone: +56 2 639/4001 or /1198


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