Methadone/Buprenorphine Treatment: available

Foreign travellers needing temporary methadone/buprenorphine treatment in Luxembourg should ask their home prescriber to contact the Substitution Treatment Program (programme de substitution) of "jugend- an drogenhëllef" at least one week or two before the intended travel to provide sufficient time for arrangements to be made. On arrival the patients must carry with them a letter from their home prescriber stating identification and treatment details.

Importation of Methadone/Buprenorphine: possible

Residents from one of the EU signatory countries of the Schengen Implementing Convention, Article 75 are expected to have with them a "Certification to carry drugs and/or psychotropic substances for treatment purposes - Schengen Implementing Convention, Article 75" form when bringing methadone into Luxembourg for personal use as medication. It is allowed to import the quantity of methadone needed for a 30 days' stay. Travellers from other countries must carry with them a certificate from their home prescriber which clearly supports their need for the medication.

Contact Address:

Jugend- an drogenhëllef
Programme de substitution
93, rue d'Anvers
L-1130 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 481381

Jugend- an drogenhëllef
Programme de substitution
11, rue St. Vincent
L-4344 Esch-Alzette
Phone: +352 545444

Any comments and additional information greatly appreciated.
Please address all correspondence to:

Ralf Gerlach
Bremer Platz 18-20
48155 Münster
Phone: +49 251-60123 or +49 2571-582765
Fax: +49 251-666580


(This page last revised and updated June 16, 2013)